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Busy lifestylesare the order of the day and most of us rely on our household appliances to save time and money. As long as they are working efficiently, life is smooth. But when one of them slows down or stops working, the goal is to get them up and running again so we can return to our normal routine.

At Service Force, we appreciate the fact that most appliance users prefer DIY repair, considering how expensive and sometimes inconvenient it can be to have to call a technician. Fortunately, there are many minor repairs you can easily take care of, when you know how.

Besides detailed instruction manuals for your ready reference, Service Force’s blog offers you a wealth of information about appliance repair. This relates to individual appliances to help you diagnose and in most cases, resolve the issue on your own without incurring the expense of a technician.

We have categorized posts and articles based on:

  • How to operate and maintain your appliances – after all, prevention is better than cure.
  • Specific maintenance tips for individual appliances
  • The most common types of appliance repair and how to identify the problem
  • Tips and solutions to tackle these on your own safely
  • When and whom to turn to when the repair is better handled by a trained technician

Whether it is washing machine repair or a problem with the dryer, or an oven, hob or microwave that has stopped working, begin by browsing our detailed guides and articles for a solution.

Use the search function or the categories to quickly zero in on what you are looking for.

Under kitchen appliances we have covered everything from how to install an appliance, how it works, to how to keep it clean, problems you are likely to encounter, how to replace and install small parts and maintenance tips

Our kitchen insights category covers kitchen design trends and other interesting topics.

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For queries related to repair, please call us at 08445 610 647 for a free repair quote. We maintain an inventory of original parts to facilitate quick repair.