How do you clean a fridge freezer

Many of us dread the chore of cleaning our fridge freezers, it seems like a task that requires a lot of time and effort. The dreaded cleaning chore may not actually take as long as you think, our step by step guide will help you complete the task in a quick and easy manner.

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Tip: a good approach to take when cleaning your fridge freezer is to wait until it is near empty, a suggestion could be to wait until a few days before your next food shop trip.


1. Turn off appliance by the mains switch

2. Empty your fridge of any food remains; check that these are still in date, now is a good time to throw away any out-dated produce
3. Store all food that is being kept into a food cooler

4. Remove all shelves and draws

5. Place all plastic components in a sink of warm water and clean with soapy suds and a sponge; make sure you rinse off thoroughly before leaving to drain

6. Be extra cautious when cleaning glass shelves; if the glass is still at a cool temperature and is placed into warm water, this could then lead to the glass shattering. It is advised that you either use cold water or wait until the glass has reached room temperature.

7. When cleaning the inside of the fridge avoid using perfumed cleaning products as the smell will linger around food. It is recommended to use baking powder with hot water as it won’t generate a smell and will also kill germs and bacteria
8. A Tip to consider when cleaning your fridge: use an old toothbrush for those hard to reach gritty areas that commonly produce unreachable dirt build-up

9. Make sure that you don’t miss cleaning the fridge door- this can be done in the same manner as the inside of the fridge

10. Dry all shelves and draws; place back into the refrigerator

11. Organise food neatly back into their compartments
Keeping your fridge clean and organised:
To avoid the long process of cleaning your fridge make it routine to remove food and clean shelves and draws every three months. There are many ways to absorb bad smells that generate within the inside of your fridge. Storing freshly ground coffee in a small opened container at the back of the fridge is an effective way of absorbing odours. Another neat trick to keep odours at bay requires scrunching a brown paper bag into a ball and storing alongside fruit and vegetables in the crisper.


(Make sure the appliance is still switched off from the mains)

1. Remove all draws and shelves from the freezer; empty any ice remaining into a food cooler

2. Store all food in the cooler

3. Place draws and shelves in a sink filled with warm water; use soap suds and a sponge to remove any dirt build up, leave to drain

4. Clean the interior of the freezer with baking soda and warm water (same requirements as above)

5. Wipe down the walls to absorb remaining liquids

6. Restock draws and shelves back into the appliance

7. Turn the appliance back on for twenty minutes to allow it to return to the correct temperature for food storage

8. Reload food into compartment

Read on to find out about fridge freezer problems. 

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