How to clean a microwave

It is important to thoroughly clean your microwave as it is prone to build up dirt and bacteria. There are a number of ways that will provide you with an effective clean.


Cleaning methods:

Cleaning the inside:

  • Fill a microwave bowl with warm water
  • Add the necessary amount of soap detergent
  • Place the bowl in the microwave for a minute
  • The steam from the bowl will have now loosened any dirt inside the microwave
  • Wipe the interior clean with a sponge
  • You can also use the same method with white vinegar or lemon juice to create a pleasant fragrance.

Benefits of using white vinegar:

  • The acetic acids in the vinegar sanitise and deodorises your microwave.
  • ¬†White vinegar removes odours rather than covering them up.
  • Inexpensive
  • No hidden chemicals

Tip- when cleaning, remove the turntable and rotating ring and wash in warm soapy water separately. The turntable is where most of food overspills collect.

Cleaning the door:

  • To clean the inside and outside of the door, use window cleaner and a clean rag for effective results.
  • Window cleaner can also be used to clean the exterior of the microwave.
  • A little vinegar, newspaper and elbow grease will provide you with gleaming results.

Good cleaning habits:

  • Wipe away any spills immediately after they occur, otherwise they will continuously cook each time the microwave is used and will become significantly stubborn to clean.

Disposing of your microwave:

If your microwave has run its course there are a number of ways that it can be disposed of. As a microwave is a hazardous substance it will need to be recycled rather than just thrown away.

  • Contact your local recycling centre to find out what electrical appliances they accept.
  • Contact your local council to collect- they may charge a fee.
  • Some electrical stores will allow you to drop off old electrical items for recycling as an incentive to buy new electrical appliances from their store.

If your microwave is still in working order use sites such as freecycle to donate to the community.

Read on to find out how a microwave works. 


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