How to clean an oven

Dirt can slowly build up in your oven which could result in creating a bad smell in the kitchen as well as fermenting the taste of food cooked within the oven.

It is recommended that an oven should be deep cleaned at least once a year- this could vary depending on its usage.

This is a job that many of us will choose to avoid but breaking the process down into steps shows that it isn’t quite as hard of a job to do as you think it would be.  There are just a few products and cleaning equipment needed in order to carry out the deep clean of your oven.

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Equipment needed:

  • Rubber Gloves
  • Bowl for warm water
  • Scourer pad
  • Oven cleaner
  • Kitchen towels
  • Bin bags

The process:

There are three areas that will be concentrated on cleaning:

  • Oven Door
  • Shelves
  • Inside of the oven- including walls, top and bottom

Note: If you have a self-cleaning oven check your instruction manual when attempting to clean the inside of the oven.

  1. Open windows to ventilate room from toxic fumes
  2. If you have an electric oven make sure it is switched off from the mains
  3. Dismantle and remove the oven door completely off the appliance
  4. Remove shelves
  5. Spray shelves with oven cleaner and place into bin bag, close the bin bag and leave outside to keep toxic fumes at bay
  6. Spray the entire inside of the oven with the cleaner and leave for at least an hour to work its magic
  7. Dismantle the oven door apart to focus on the inner glass as this is where most dirt builds up
  8. Clean all glass pieces of the oven door with a regular bacterial cleaner and warm clean water to wipe off the residue
  9. Put door back together
  10. Bring the shelves back in and remove from bin bag
  11. Place in sink and use a scourer and warm water to scrub off dirt- the dirt should wipe off easily as the cleaner has brought it to the surface
  12. Use kitchen towels to mop away residue from the inside of the oven
  13. Scrub remaining dirt with a scourer and warm water
  14. Clean the outside of the oven interior with a regular antibacterial cleaner- make sure to focus on oven knobs as dirt builds up here
  15. Place shelves back in the oven
  16. Assemble the oven door back on
  17. Turn the power back on
  18. Put oven on a high heat for around twenty minutes to kill off any remaining dirt

Tip: Line the bottom shelf with foil to capture any dirt when cooking. This will make cleaning your oven a lot easier the next time round.

You should now have a sparkling clean oven which looks good as new!

Read on to find out about oven repairs. 

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