How to clean your tumble dryer

A golden rule when it comes to tumble dryers is to always keep the airway clear. Blockages will lead to overheating and may even result in a fire. Your tumble dryer will also need to be kept clean to stay in working order.


How to look after your tumble dryer:

  • Make sure your tumble dryer is cool before removing the lint filter
  • Clean dirt/dust off the lint (this should be carried out every time the dryer is used)
  • Regularly check the lint filter for damage as it can easily be replaced
  • If your tumble dryer uses a sensor it is recommended to clean with white vinegar or a stainless steel cleaner every few months.
  • The area around the lint filter will accommodate dust overtime. Every six months use a vacuum cleaner to clean this area.
  • Clean the outside of your tumble dryer with a damp cloth

Condenser dryers only:

  • Remove the heat exchanger and run under clean water to remove any dirt or hair build-up. (This should be carried out regularly.)
  • Empty the water reservoir after each load

Cleaning the inside of your tumble dryer:

  • Make sure your tumble dryer is a cool temperature and is switched off from the mains.
  • Unscrew the back panel and remove
  • Vacuum the blower area
  • Vacuum around the pipe connection area
  • Refit panel back in place

Tumble drying tips:

  • Separate fabrics before loading into the tumble dryer. Drying similar fabrics together will reduce drying time and save energy.
  • Always check the care label before you attempt to dry fabrics. Some items may require a lower heat setting or may advise that you do not tumble dry at all.
  • Loosen your load before you start the drying cycle. This will allow your clothes to dry more efficiently.
  • Do not overload your tumble dryer as it needs enough space for air to circulate.

Try to avoid becoming reliant on using your tumble dryer to dry your clothing as you may build up a hefty electricity bill as well as playing a part in building up CO2 emissions.

Read on to find out how a tumble dryer works. 


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