Dishwasher repair

A dishwasher is quite a complex piece of equipment as it is made up of many different parts. If one of these parts were to go wrong then it would most probably have a big impact on the functionality of the dishwasher.


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There are common faults that go wrong with dishwashers; read on to determine whether your dishwasher has one of these particular faults:

Your machine is not functioning

–          Your water supply may not be reaching your dishwasher; check for blockages.

–          Check that the dishwasher door is not being prevented from being shut by overloading or any loose utensils.

–          If your dishwasher is not receiving power try replacing the fuse in the main power supply.

Your dishwasher is making a lot of noise

–          Your drain pump may be faulty

–          The spray arms may be faulty

–          Object may be jammed preventing your drain pump from working

Your dishwasher is not cleaning properly

–          The spray arms are faulty which are preventing them from moving properly to clean your load.

–          If you have a capacitor on your motor it may have a fault which is causing your dishwasher to run slower resulting in the appliance not functioning properly.

–          Your dishwasher may have lost pressure power which means it will not clean as effectively.

–          You may not be using the right amount of detergent, check your manual guide to identify the correct amount needed.

–          You may not have loaded your dishwasher correctly; if your load isn’t in a precise order it may be hard to reach some areas to clean as they may be blocked by other dishes/utensils.

Streaks and marks are left on dishes/glasses

–          You may not be using the right level of salt; check your salt dispenser to see whether the right amount is loaded.

–          Your cleaner dispenser unit may be faulty which is disabling it from distributing cleaner to your load. You will need a technician to repair this fault.

–          If your glasses are not cleaning properly make sure that you are using the correct level of rinse aid. This may also be the case for sticky glasses.

Your dishwasher is leaking from the door

–          You may have a faulty door seal which is fairly easy to replace. Change the door seal to test if this is the problem.

–          If you have plastic spray arms there could be a split in one of these which results in extra water being released into the dishwasher causing the leak.

–          A common problem that causes leaks is that if the wrong detergent is being used or overfilled it can cause over foaming which will then result in a leak.

Your dishes are still wet after the cycle is finished

–          Make sure that you are loading your dishes correctly so that the water can run off freely. For example if cups/glasses aren’t positioned correctly, water will build up inside and will not be released in the cycle.

–          A more complex issue may be to do with the heating system, this will need to be checked over by a technician.

The above should identify most common problems that happen with dishwashers over time. If you still feel that your problem cannot be identified, it is advised that you request a technician to check for faults.

Read on to find out about dishwasher installation. 

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