How do you replace your fridge freezer seal

Have you noticed that food isn’t preserving properly in your fridge freezer? This may be due to a faulty door seal. Replacing your door seal is required from time to time as the lifespan of a door seal may not last as long as the lifespan of your fridge freezer.

Faulty door seals waste energy, meaning that your fridge freezer will require more power to keep the temperature low. A cracked seal can cause condensation which could also lead to mould growth.

A simple way to describe what happens if the door is not secured properly is that cold air will escape through the gaps in the seal, and warm air will be pulled in its place resulting in the motor having to work harder to keep the fridge cool. More power will be required to keep the fridge cool which will lead to higher energy bills. Higher bills are something we definitely all want to avoid so follow the step by step guide to prevent your energy bills rising.


How to replace a fridge freezer door seal in 6 simple steps:

  1. Measure your door (s) and take note of the model number.
  2. Order the correct size for the model of your fridge freezer; these are widely available on online parts stores.  Take note of your fridge freezer seal as some may vary; some models have door seals that are easily detached, whilst others may need to be unscrewed.
  3. Depending on the model of your fridge freezer, lift up the door seal and see if screws are present. If they are, unscrew these with a screwdriver – the seal should come away from the door. If no screws are present, starting from the corner and moving your way around the door, pull the seal towards you with slight force removing the seal entirely.
  4. To fit the new seal, start from the corner of the door and push the seal in place all the way around the door. If the model of your fridge freezer has screws fixed onto the door, lift the seal from the bottom which should now be in place and tighten the screws with a screw driver. This will tighten and secure the seal.
  5. Close the fridge freezer door and check for any gaps. If you can see light shining through from inside the fridge freezer, you most probably haven’t fitted the seal securely and it will need to be redone correctly.
  6. A quick and easy way to stretch the seal to fit in place is to heat the door seal with a hair dryer. This will soften the seal which will then allow it to be stretched.

Tip: To prevent the door from sticking, rub talcum powder around the edges of the door seal. This should prevent the door seal twisting as it touches the metal of the fridge.

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