Replacing and installing small oven parts

As we tend to use our ovens on a regular basis, often parts will stop working. A small hidden part within your oven that often stops working is the light bulb. The lifespan of a light bulb comes down to how often it is used. As well as replacing parts of our oven, small parts can be added to increase safety when using your oven, such as silicon oven shelf guards, which will protect you from burning your hands.

Replacing your oven light bulb:
When the light bulb in your oven has run out of life, fear not, there is no need to cook in the dark! Light bulbs are very easy to replace, follow our step by step guide which can be completed in a matter of minutes.


1. Turn off the oven power
2. Unscrew the lamp cover, found at the back of the oven
3. Unscrew the lamp
4. Remove the lamp and check the information printed onto the lamp
5. Your new light bulb should contain the same specs in order to work within your oven
6. Screw the new lamp into place
7. Refit the lamp cover
8. Switch the power back on to test the light bulb

Fitting an oven safe guard:
An oven safe guard will protect your hands and arms when reaching into the oven. As the safe guards are made from silicon, they can withstand high heat temperatures. Fitting them in place is a very simple task.

1. Remove oven shelves
2. Open up the silicon guards
3. Slot into place across one end of each shelf
4. Place the shelves back into place within the oven


For double protection from the heat of the oven, it is recommended that you use oven gloves, particularly ones that are made of silicon. The majority of oven gloves consist of heat insulation, which is covered with cotton and fabric. Generally oven gloves are now treated with silicon for extra heat protection.

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