How a tumble dryer works

Many households will own a tumble dryer as they are particularly handy in the winter and for drying larger items such as towels and bedding. The construction of this appliance is simple. Here is a breakdown of how your tumble dryer works. There are two types of tumble dryer: Vented … Read more

Washing machine faults

As your washing machine is an appliance that you use regularly, it is bound to generate faults over time. You may find that the wash cycle isn’t performing up to its best or your appliance could be leaking. Before you seek professional help you should try to work out what … Read more

Dishwasher problems

Dishwashers are the ultimate timesaver in the kitchen, well that’s when they are working properly. They are the opposite of a timesaver when they aren’t working properly as you will end up having to wash your dishes by hand after they have been through a cycle. If your dishes aren’t … Read more