6 Kitchen Design Trends for 2015

The kitchen has always been the heart of the home and where friends and family seem to congregate. The atmosphere of social sharing – in both food and company – seem to go hand in hand with this space in our homes and so the tiny one-person-at-a-time styles of yesteryear are finally adapting to the way we actually use our kitchens today.

So whether you are simply planning on some repairs and a bit of paint to touch up the kitchen you have or considering calling in an architect for an entire redesign, you may want to know what some of the biggest trends in kitchen design will be for 2015.  If so, read on.

 Social Areas

Social Areas

Yes, kitchens are certainly getting bigger with many homeowners choosing to extend their homes and knock down walls for larger airier kitchens. My own home at one point had a door into the kitchen at the back of the house but that wall was removed and a much larger open throughway now creates an area that leads right into the dining room – it makes the whole space feel much more sociable and relaxed.

Not only that but we see a lot of people using islands or even slim bar areas where you can both prepare your meals and socialise with guests or family at the same time. I think 2015 will be a year where we see even more of this, with homeowners opting for open, sociable spaces, combining functionality with style and practicality, even in smaller kitchen spaces.

Natural colours

Natural Colours

Greys, whites, soft creams and black are the big colours in interiors right now and kitchens are adopting this palette with aplomb. These on-trend neutrals create a fantastic basis for adding other hits of colours in our accessories or keeping the entire area beautifully in keeping with the rest of our home.

The kitchen design becomes part of the greater whole of our styles and can be as eclectic, traditional, retro or contemporary as any other part of our home.

Natural materials

natural materials

There’s also a return to nature in our kitchens with marble and concrete worktops, pale and light wood cabinets and slate flooring all popular choices. They also combine beautifully with man-made materials. Gloss cabinet designs are still popular but are softened when used with beautiful organic finishes.

We’re also seeing more elegantly designed utilitarian kitchen accessories with a return to natural wood chopping boards, marble rolling pins, wood utensils and handmade ceramics. Everything is relaxed but beautifully practical.

Open displays

Open Displays

The look of open shelving may not be for everyone but there’s certainly an increase in people wanting to show off their prettiest plates, serving dishes and glassware as well as decanting dry goods into fashionable clip jars either completely out in the open or behind glass. Allowing for both open and closed storage allows the homeowner to show off their personality and style. Just remember to keep things tidy!

Warm metals

warm metals

The surge in popularity of warm metals in our homes has certainly not bypassed the kitchen. Homeowners are warming up the hub of their homes with bronze, copper and brass in everything from lighting to taps and cupboard handles.

Linear Lines

Linear lines

In more contemporary designs, we’re seeing cupboard handles disappear altogether along with hidden gadgets like extension fans that rise from worktops and plug sockets that disappear into islands. Appliances blend right into the cabinetry of the kitchen, hidden behind doors to create a seamless look.


So if you are considering a full kitchen renovation this year, what trends do you think you’ll be looking at for your own kitchen? I’d love to hear from you.

The writer of this post is Kimberly Duran- Kimberly is a content marketer, editor and freelance writer. She has a passion for interiors that you can achieve within your budget. Take a look at her blog for yourself. 

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