Make the Kitchen the Hub of your Home

If there’s one area in the home where everyone tends to congregate, it’s the kitchen. Think about the last time you held a party or get together in your home. Did everyone mingle in the kitchen? Did they get in the way when you tried to cook or make drinks? It seems that this one space is the place to which people gravitate; it’s often the natural hub or centre of the home and should be celebrated as such.

If this isn’t happening in your home, and you would like it to, what can you do to make the kitchen the epicentre of all family activity?

Style it Up:

open plan living


If the kitchen lacks warmth or cohesive styling it may not feel welcoming and inviting, and this can mean no-one wants to actually spend too much time here. If you want to create a hub, ensure the kitchen space isn’t falling apart, fix the washing machine, finish the DIY and give the walls a fresh lick of paint. Decide what kind of look you want for the room, and if it needs a makeover, spend some time giving it an overhaul. It’s much cheaper and easier than you think. Paint the cupboards, add some new handles, clear the surfaces as much as possible, and hang a few personal pictures.

Eating and Dining:

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Creating a comfortable eating area is an important part of creating a kitchen where everyone wants to spend time. No matter how big or small your kitchen, there’s a dining solution that will suit, and sometimes it just takes a little creativity. For the smallest of rooms, create a mini breakfast bar, or have a fold down table. For larger rooms, create space for a dining table to seat the family at mealtimes.

Keep It Personal:

Giving the space a personal touch helps the family feel more connected to the kitchen, creating a room that they can’t be without. Really let your personality shine through in the decorating choices you make. Choose colours that reflect your style, don’t be swayed too strongly by trends and do some research on Pinterest and blogs to find the look for you.

Open Plan Living:

open plan living


If you have the opportunity to remodel the kitchen space then the open plan look is still popular and working well. Creating a room in which you can cook whilst sitting and chatting to friends, where you can lounge watching TV, or where you can play games together will really help the family spend time together. If you’re lucky enough to have a large space that accommodates the kitchen, a dining table and a sofa, maximise the potential of this room, and give your family a centre that they’ll be drawn to every time they come home.

Is your kitchen the hub of the home? Is it a place where your whole family enjoys spending time?

The writer of this post is Jen Stanbrook- Jen has a love for home and interiors with her personal style being modern and contemporary. Check out her Love Chic Living blog for yourself now.

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