George Robertson – Lerwick

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George Robertson.
3-4 Carlton Place
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Do you need appliance repair in the Shetland Islands, but not know where to go? Service Force can highly recommend George Robertson Limited for all of your home electrical appliance repair and servicing needs. They also sell and install a wide range of new home appliances, electronics and devices as well as perform electrical engineering, maintenance, installation and testing for commercial customers. George Robertson’s coverage area extends across the ZE1, ZE2 and ZE3 post codes, covering the entirety of Shetland. That means that you never have to settle for second best, no matter where in the islands you live.

Service Force understands how much you depend on quality, reliable advice and service from your repairmen. That’s why we identify and list the best repair and maintenance shops in every area, and put them all on one website, letting you get to the professionals who will set everything to rights quickly and efficiently.

If you are in Shetland, you may feel that your choices are limited as to trained, professional repair engineers. The good news is that George Robertson Limited offers superior quality, fully certified call-out service and repair to every address in the Shetland Islands, and never fails to respond quickly or to provide reliable advice and service once they arrive.

Service Force puts local businesses like George Robertson forward because they provide a complete package of appliance repair services, which is ideal for those of us looking for a one stop shop. After all, who has time to keep track of which repairman can handle work on a dishwasher but not a microwave, or which can remount a TV aerial but won’t touch kitchen appliances? Service Force shows you who to call to fix any home appliance or electrical problem with a single phone call.

If you need more information on appliance repair shops or engineers in your area, please contact us! Service Force is happy to provide any information we can, or to answer any questions you may have about our services or our featured providers.