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Appliances are the basis on which our houses run; without them we would be without the ability to cook delicious food, we would be stuck hand washing all of our clothes and we would be left to manually wash up all our plates and dishes – and that’s without even branching out into the necessity of a fridge or freezer.

Whether you are fully reliant on all of your appliances or just the odd one here and there, it is important that they are working at all times. A broken appliance can place a huge hindrance on day to day life and it is important that appliance repair is carried out quickly – after all, without appliances we are left with a lot more to do around the house.

For appliance repair in Gateshead, turn to Service Force. With companies such as Megan Technical Services Gateshead working alongside us we are able to provide professional and efficient appliance repairs when you need them.

There are a range of appliance repair services available in Gateshead including:

  • dishwasher repair
  • washing machine repair
  • tumble dryer repair
  • repairs for ovens, cookers and hobs

All of which Service Force can assist you with.

When you are in need of appliance repair it is key to employ the help of professionals who know what they are doing. Appliances are intricate machines and many are more complex than they may first appear; and without the expert knowledge and skill required to fully complete the appliance repair you could end up with an appliance with more technical problems than when you first started.

With our professional appliance repair in Gateshead, appliance repairs can be straightforward and stress-free. Better yet, we always take time to clearly explain the problem and offer honest advice as to the best route for repair.