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When choosing appliances for your kitchen, it’s important to choose one that is best suited to your needs. Whether that is space limitation or specific features.

You may also want to consider energy efficiency when choosing a domestic appliance to save yourself money in the long run as well as doing your bit for the planet.

When installing a new appliance you should pick an ideal location for installation. Condensation is an element that you should factor as well as the area being damp free and consist of a room temperature between 10 ˚C and 30 ˚C.

Choosing an oven

When choosing an oven there are preferences you need to bear in mind:

  • Gas or electric
  • Wall fitted or freestanding
  • Size
  • Digital or non-digital
  • Built in ventilation fan

Depending on the individual, some people may prefer gas ovens to electric as they tend to heat and cool down quicker, this is ideal for cooking efficiency as well as child safety.

Choosing a fridge freezer

  • Size- how many people are in your household?  More people equate to larger food storage needs.
  • Built in ice dispenser
  • Built in or freestanding
  • Number of shelves/draws

Choosing a dishwasher

  • Portable or built in
  • Internal water heating included
  • Size- consider what your average load size is

Choosing a washing machine

  • Size- consider the amount of storage space available
  • Drum size- these tend to range from 5kg to 11kg
  • Spin speed- does the washing machine offer adequate spin cycles for your needs
  • Additional features- you may require extra features such as child locks

Domestic appliance repairs may be needed throughout the lifespan of your appliance. We at Service Force offer time convenient electrical appliance repairs with 60 local service centres nationwide it is likely that one of our centres will be located near you.

If you would like more information about a specific manufacturer of household appliances, you should check out their web site.

Here are links to a few of the major manufacturers: