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AEG has over 125 years of excellence service with providing a full range of household appliances. The appearance of your kitchen appliances is just as important as their performance, that’s why AEG use stainless steel and black glass across their whole range.

Here is a breakdown of the additional features that AEG appliances have to offer:


AEG ovens offer an XXL capacity equipping the oven with 5 shelves which makes life a lot easier when you’re cooking for a large amount of people. This functionality will come in especially handy at Christmas as you will be able to cook savoury and sweet at the same time. The oven range consists of multifunctional steam, pyrolytic and CuliSense facilities.

microwave oven

Multifunctional steam ovens: this cooking facility allows you to steam and bake providing soft tender food on the inside and crispy and golden on the outside.

Pyrolytic ovens: self-cleaning functionality that reaches 500 ºC which breaks down the build-up of grease and dirt.


The AEG range has gas, ceramic and induction hobs. The induction hob technology uses electromagnetism which creates a magnetic field between the hob and the pan. Even though induction hobs are expensive to buy, they are cheaper to run and safer to use.

Fridges and Freezers

The ProFresh technology in the AEG fridge freezers maximises food freshness for longer. The fridge freezer range includes extra tall versions to offer more storage facilities and also designer fridges with built in wine coolers which are perfect for the entertainer.


Designed to complement your kitchen interior and keep your kitchen area as fresh as possible.


AEG dishwashers are designed to have a larger internal capacity than the average dishwasher. They also come with an extra satellite spray arm to provide gleaming results.



AEG washing machines include special programmes that offer gentle cleaning for delicates such as cashmere and silk garments.