Electrolux appliances

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Electrolux aim to lead innovation with their kitchen appliances, product design is just as important as productivity.

Here is a breakdown of the range of Electrolux appliances:


When choosing an oven you need to make sure you choose the right model which has all the facilities that you require. Some Electrolux ovens have special functionalities such as fast heat-up, auto shut-off and defrost, all these features are just a click of a button away. Design is one of the priorities when it comes to Electrolux as an appliance needs to fit the interior of your kitchen as well as serving its purpose.

Compact Pyrolytic Oven


Electrolux induction and ceramic hobs are both easy to clean and look ultimately stylish within the kitchen. Induction technology is the most energy efficient form of cooking as it uses magnetism to cook and is only heat activated once the pan is on its surface.


Electrolux hoods come in a range of designs to fit the look and feel of your kitchen, whether that is visible or discreet. They also offer three power settings for the need of use as well as a discreet noise level that doesn’t leave you battling to be heard above.


Electrolux dishwashers come in 3 sizes to fit within your required space, 12 IEC, 9 IEC and 6 IEC. Each dishwasher keeps noise to a minimum as this is a racket you could do without hearing. A small red beam becomes visible to let you know when the dishwasher is in motion. With a choice of different programmes available you will have full flexibility when cleaning your dishes, china and glasses may require a more delicate setting. Electrolux have AAA rated dishwashers as they only use 12 litres of water for a full load that would take 103 litres to wash by hand.

Washing machines

Buying a washing machine may require more consideration than you thought. The size should come down to how many people will be using it and whether the wash programmes are suited to your needs. Electrolux have extra-large capacity washing machines as well as a clever direct spray washing technology which makes them extra energy efficient.

washing machine