Zanussi appliances

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Zanussi take pride with their services by always having the consumer in mind, to help make your household chores an easier task they have created the hash-tag #EasyTeam which offers you tips, recipes and advice.

Zanussi offer a full range of appliances, with built in and freestanding options the choice is yours. In order to be equipped with all of your practical needs, at Service Force we host a wide selection of Zanussi spare parts UK.

See below for a breakdown of Zanussi appliances:


Zanussi have a wide range of oven appliances to choose from, large capacity ovens, easy and self-cleaning and ovens with clever added functions. The new Quadro ovens allow you to save on energy as they have a higher energy efficient percentage compared against other ovens. The Quadro ovens each display a range of icons which represent their handy functions and features.


The microwave range includes compact-combi options which will match the rest of your appliances perfectly. There are also regular stand-alone microwaves available which come in higher litre-capacity options allowing you to cook more in one go.



The ranges of hobs come in stylish designs of induction, ceramic and glass plate or gas. Each form of cooking energy has its advantages such as gas is great for instant heat and induction is the most energy efficient.


There are different types of hoods available, either extractors or types that recirculate air. The space available within your kitchen will determine which style will be best suited. Different designs are available, from square to rounded shapes with a glass or stainless steel finish.

Fridge freezers

Zanussi cater to the space you have available for storage, sizing ranges from under counter to space+ appliances. Each fridge freezer appliance comes with different features and functionalities enabling you with a wide selection to choose from.


Whether you only have a small amount of space available or you would rather conceal your dishwashers’ appearance, Zanussi has many different options available. All fully integrated dishwashers can be covered with furniture doors to match the rest of your kitchen interior.

Washing machines

If you are washing for a big family then you may want to choose a large capacity model which has a 7kg drum large enough to wash a double duvet. There can often be times when we need to wash something in a hurry, the quick wash functionality allows you to choose a 30 min cycle option.

washing machine

Domestic appliances are normally used on a regular basis so they are bound to generate faults overtime. Service Force specialise in spare parts for Zanussi and other branded appliances.