Recycle Electronics

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Recycling electronics

If your appliance has served its time and is in need of disposing there are procedures you need to consider beforehand. As electronics carry harmful substances they need to be recycled, this could range from fridge disposal to hair dryers and mobile phones.

There is a simple way of finding out if your electrical appliances can be recycled:

  • Does it have a plug?
  • Battery powered?
  • Chargeable?
  • Is there a bin with a cross through sign displayed?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions then your appliance will be able to be recycled.

How to recycle

  • Contact your local recycling centre to find out where they are based and what electrical appliances they will accept.
  • If your appliance is still in working order you could post an ad for collection on sites such as gumtree or free cycle.
  • Donate any working electrics to charity if they are in a sellable condition.
  • Contact your local council to collect unwanted appliances- there may be a collection fee involved.

Benefits of recycling

  • Extend the use of valuable products which will prevent them going into waste
  • Reduce harm to the environment
  • Reusing valuable metals and components
  • Reduce landfill- landfill sites produce the powerful gas- methane

Reusing electronic waste

Once your electronics have been recycled they can be reused:

  • Hover mowers contain plastic that can be reused for products such as car bumpers, cases and pipe fittings.
  • Copper hover motors can be reused for items such as copper pipe, coins and jewellery. It can also be reused for motors in electrical appliances such as fridges and vacuums.

To find out more recycle facts visit the recycle now website and why not read our page on the WEEE Directive to be in the know about all areas of electronics recycling.