Self Service Appliance Repair Taking Away The Stress

It is normal to expect your appliances to function efficiently. Appliance repair is no fun at the best of times. Besides the fact that it can be overwhelming to tackle it on your own, knowing what DIY repair is safe and when it is necessary to call a trained technician is important so that you can get your appliance up and running and return to your normal routine.

At Service Force, we are committed to take away your stress and make this decision easy for you.

Through experience, we know that while some repair is best left to a trained technician, there are several minor issues that do not need technical know-how and can easily be handled on your own. In most cases, diagnosis is key.

Whether it is your washing machine or oven or dryer, we’re here to help you troubleshoot your appliance on your own and try to fix it before you call that technician. While our list is not exhaustive, we have compiled the most common appliance repair problems likely to occur with tips to identify and resolve them. We have covered the following appliances. Click the appliance to see a list of issues and tips for DIY repair.


Caution: While working with electrical appliance repair, make sure it is unplugged. If it is a gas appliance, turn off the fuel source.

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Our resources include appliance instruction manuals.

If what you are looking for is not covered here, or the fix suggested does not work, or feel unsure about whether apart actually needs replacing, do get in touch with us at 08445 610 647

We’ll be happy to help with a free repair quote and prompt service. We maintain a large inventory of original parts and will have your appliance up and running as soon as we can.