Clothes dryer risks

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As you are dealing with a high temperature of heat there is the need to be cautious in case of fire. To state the obvious make sure that you have a fire alarm installed in a reachable distance to your clothes dryer appliance.

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Common risks:

• Not cleaning your filters
– The build-up of fluff and lint can be a high risk for causing a fire as the debris could reach the heater element which will then burn leading to a fire.

Faulty filters
– If your filters are in a bad condition with holes in the mesh it is vital that you have them replaced as the lint will be able to pass straight through into the heater element.
• Appliance left unattended
– You should never leave the house with an electrical appliance running as there is always the chance of coming back to a fire which could have been live for a long period of time causing further damage.

• Faulty thermostat
– There are safety thermostats installed within your clothes dryer to prevent fires from happening. If a fault were to occur with the safety thermostat the risk of fire would increase as there would not be a prevention barrier in place.

• Lack of ventilation
– If there are limited vents for hot air to escape, it is obvious what will happen. You should install your dryer either near a window or air vent for good air circulation.

• Switches left on
– As well as wasting energy, leaving plugs switched on can potentially be a high fire risk. Make sure you switch off all electrical appliances when not in use.

All of the above may seem like obvious causes for a fire but many people often still fail to remember to be aware of fire risks. In order to reduce your chances of a fire, follow the maintenance steps above.

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