Dryer faults that affect performance

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When the winter months are present many of us will frequently use our dryers, if a fault is to occur it can cause a nuisance to your laundry needs. We have collated a list of how to tell what has gone wrong with your dryer.


Dryer not heating up
– Check if the drainage hose is warm, if it is you may just need to clean your filters and condenser. If there is still a problem then you should call a technician to identify the problem.

Drying cycle finishing too quickly
– This usually comes down to the moisture element which can sometimes be caused by a number of reasons such as- the appliance power running through an extension lead, the drum and ribbon in need of a clean.

Drying programme taking too long
– Check your setting for water hardness (most dryers will have one) refer to your manual for what setting this should be on. This setting plays an effect on the moisture element resulting in a longer cycle needed to dry your load.
– If your dryer is stored in a cold room it may take longer to warm up.

Marks left on clothing
– If your clothes appear to have a brown/rust stain this could be due to the delayed start function being used causing water to come into contact with metals. Try using your cycle without the delayed start option to test if this fixes the problem.

Dryer making an unusual noise
– If your dryer is making a “humming” type noise it could be due to the appliance being overloaded. Remove some of the load to detect if this mends the problem.
– A beeping noise could be due to the appliance being new and needing to be run a few times.
– A rattling noise could be due to the air fan being loose, this will need to be looked at by a technician.

The majority of the above can initially be tested out before calling a technician although it is vital that you do not seek to make any repairs yourself as working on electrics can be extremely dangerous.

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