DIY Hob Repair

Your kitchen is the heart of your home. It is where you dish up delicious meals for your loved ones. You want that sturdy stove working efficiently. But in spite of good maintenance, hob repair issues do crop up and can be frustrating to deal with. Service technicians can be expensive and it makes sense to learn to do it yourself when you safely can! Rather than reach for the phone right away, how about taking a look at our hob repair tips to see if you can diagnose and solve the problem yourself?

You will probably have your stove up and working sooner than you imagined!

Service Force has compiled the most common DIY Hob Repair tips here. Gas hobs must be handled with care and if you see sparks from the hob, it is safest to call a technician. The most common hob repair issues may include:
  • Clicking sound from your hob’s ignition, you can solve this on your own by either cleaning the igniter or taking the knob’s covering off to release it. We can help you with parts, if you need them. Just call 08445 610 647 for a free hob repair quote.
  • When the hob element won’t work – either the switch or the element may need replacement or your pan does not meet the specifications in your appliance manual.




Still, can’t seem to get your hob working? No problem.

Call Service Force now for a free repair quote 08445 610 647.We’ll make sure your hob repair is taken care of!

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