Hob damages

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Oven hobs come in handy when you are planning on cooking a quick and easy meal such as a pasta based dish. Due to convenience some of us may use our hob more often than our oven, therefore this area of our oven appliance is prone to damages.

Common damages:

If you have a glass plate hob, stains can often look like damages.

  • You should have a scrapper which was provided with your oven appliance, using the scrapper and oven cleaner should clean up most built-up stains.

Damage on the hob ring around the burner:

  • You will need to call an engineer to repair this problem.

Rust on hob:

Enamel surface:

  • A build-up of dirt on an enamel surface hob can often be mistaken for rust. If after a deep clean the dirt does not remove you can purchase a replacement, try calling our repair line as we may be able to provide you with spare parts as well as fitting in your new appliance parts.


  • Do not attempt to clean these components in the dishwasher as washing detergent can cause the cast-iron to rust. Try and clean the parts with hot water and a stiff sponge- detergent may lead to rust. If damage is excessive after cleaning you may need to order a replacement part.

Stainless steel dip tray:

  • You should use a stainless steel cleaner to try and remove what may appear to be rust, if this does not have an effect on the surface you should order a replacement tray.

Hob does not ignite:

  • To determine whether the ignition is damaged you should run a few basic checks beforehand :
  • Double check the hob is connected to the power supply and that there is power coming from the mains.
  • If you have just cleaned your hob there may be water still present in the burner making it unable to light.
  • Hold the ignition button for up to 10 seconds to test for a gas flame.

If any of the above does not solve your problem you should call our repair line for further assistance.

Ceramic hob intermittently switching off:

  • Keep in mind before classing your ceramic hob as damaged, if you use your hob on a low power setting it is normal for the power to switch on and off, as well as if you move your pan away from the surface.

Hob is not simmering:

  • Most modern ovens are so powerful that they are not able to simmer, it is advised to use a hot plate if you have finished cooking your food and need it to be kept warm.

To find out what types of hobs are available as well as suitable cook wear read our hob types page.