Hob types

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There are many types of hobs available so when choosing cook wear it is advised to bear in mind which pots and pans are compliable with your appliance.

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Types of hobs available:

Ceramic- Most ceramic hobs are powered by electric, they are easy to clean, quick to heat up and have a stylish finish.

Gas- gas hobs are one of the most commonly used type of hobs due to their instance and even heat distribution.

Induction hobs– this modern type of hob is becoming a popular choice to have in the kitchen as they are quick, safe and efficient to use. Electromagnetism creates a magnetic field between the pan which directly heats your cook wear rather than the surface, making it safe to touch without causing any burns.

Electric– electric hobs come in a range of forms from coil to ceramic.  A good electric hob will heat up fairly quickly and is easy to clean once it has cooled down after use.

Some of the types of cook wear for your hob:

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When it comes to choosing pots and pans it is worthwhile considering the different materials available to ensure you get the most from your kitchen appliance.

Aluminium– this is a popular material for cookware as it is low cost as well as being a good conductor of heat. There are a number of different thicknesses available according to the source of heat they will be used for. For example medium and heavy weight pans are available for all heat sources except for induction, although some pans have been adapted so they are usable for induction hobs.

Black iron or carbon steel– these types of pans are very strong and study and will withstand a high heat. These materials are mainly used for woks and frying pans and are safe to use on all heat sources. To take care of these types of pans they will need to be left oiled and kept in a dry place.

Untreated cast iron– suitable for all heat sources and will need to be kept oiled when not in use otherwise they will rust.

Copper– copper is great for heat conductivity as most types will react instantlyto a given heat source. Generally you will only need a low heating setting to heat copper pans.

Stainless steel- most stainless steel pans are available to use on all heat sources. As stainless steel is a poor heat conductor, pans are coated with a layer of other metal such as aluminium which acts as a heat conductor. 

Some pans require different cleaning methods and cannot be cleaned in the dishwasher.

Not suitable for the dishwasher:

  • Plain aluminium
  • Aluminium with a non-stick coating
  • Black iron or carbon steel
  • Cast iron
  • Copper

Dishwasher friendly

  • Cast aluminium and Forged Aluminium (although most efficient to be washed by hand)
  • Stainless steel

Now that you know more about different hob types and cook wear available, read our oven and hob safety page for all the do’s and don’ts of cooking.