Oven and hob safety

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As your oven appliance is a high fire risk it is important to follow the following regulations to reduce any hazards.


  • Switch off all hobs to 0 once you have finished cooking
  • Clean your hob regularly (once power is switched off) as food build up could lead to burning.
  • Always make sure pan handles are not placed over the edge of the appliance as they could be at risk of being knocked off the surface.
  • Make sure the hob is kept dry if the contents of a pan is to boil over- moisture on the hob will generate noise.
  • If your oven is making a lot of noise it could be due to the fan- this will need to be checked by an engineer.


  • Use oversize pans- all hobs are different sizes, make sure you use a size that fits your hob.
  • Do not switch on electric hobs without a pan on the surface- this can cause damage to the hob which may not be repairable.
  • Do not place any flammable materials near the hob- this includes clothing. (NEVER try to dry your clothes on the hob).
  • Do not use tough scourers or harsh chemicals when cleaning your hob/oven.
  • Do not use your hob as a room heater

The above are all straightforward procedures which you will probably already be aware of but it is advised to keep these factors in mind to ensure your safety at all times.

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