DIY Oven repair easier than you think!

We depend on our household appliances to make life more efficient and when one of them runs into a problem, it can upset our routine. In particular, ovens are great partners in the kitchen and if you are faced with oven repair, wouldn’t it be great to know how to fix it yourself if it is a minor problem? Of course, it goes without saying that the savings will be welcome!

Here are common oven repair problems our technicians have compiled to help you identify and fix.

Begin by checking to see if the power supply and fuses are in good order before unplugging the oven and switching off the mains. Also disconnect your fuel supply. If you smell gas when the oven is off, call your gas company immediately. Some of the common issues are:Is the power supply okay? Is the oven on automatic? While checking the mains cable with a meter, make sure it is not live. If unsure, call us for oven repair.
  • Your gas burner will not work
  • Your oven door cannot be closed
  • The oven will not heat up
  • The oven overheats
  • The oven is noisy
  • The fan runs after you switch off the oven
  • The oven seems dead

The oven has smoke coming out

There are no flammable parts in an oven. In new ovens the elements have a protective coating that burns off before you use the oven. In old ovens it is probably food spill causing it. Clean your oven.

If none of the above tips work, it may be time to call Service Force at 08445 610 647 for a free repair quote. We maintain an inventory of original parts and will make sure your oven is up and running quickly!

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