Oven errors

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When an error occurs with your oven, often there is a simple explanation as to why it may have happened. The following errors are common faults that you may experience overtime:


  • Oven light is not working
  • As your regular light bulb stops working after it has been used over a period of time, the same applies for your oven light bulb. Read your oven manual to identify which type of bulb you will need to replace the existing one.
  • Remember to make sure all power is OFF when replacing your light bulb.


  • Oven fan is not working
  • This is a fault that happens to go wrong with many ovens over a period of time, you will need to call an engineer to take a further look into this error. The engineer will be able to determine whether it can be repaired or if you need a replacement oven.


  • Oven door is not in line
  • As you constantly need to open your oven door to add or remove contents, the hinges may start to become loose. Look over your oven manual for guidance on how to tighten the hinges.


  • Hot air releasing from oven
  • When your oven is in use you may notice that hot air is coming out from the sides of the oven. To prevent this happening you can purchase protective strips to block the air from releasing. The strips should be available from most brand manufacturers.


  • Broken oven door handle
  • If your oven door handle has broken it is an easy problem to fix. Rather than purchasing a whole new door, you can replace the handle individually- refer to your user manual for guidance.


  • Oven door glass is loose
  • Check your user manual for instructions, this should be a fairly easy task although if it is proving difficult please contact our repair centre for further guidance.

Read our oven maintenance page for tips on how to prolong your ovens lifespan.