Oven faults

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As your oven is a kitchen appliance which you regularly use, it is common for faults to generate over time. The following faults may be easily repairable and others will require an engineer:

oven faults

Clock on oven not setting

  • You may have noticed that you haven’t set the clock on your oven, if you try to set the clock and are unable to do so then try resetting the appliance by switching the appliance off from the mains. Wait a minute before switching back on.
  • If this does not resolve your problem, we recommend calling our repair line.
  • If you have had a power cut you may notice the clock blinking with 0:00 displayed. If this is to happen you should be able to reset the clock manually.

Operating knob loose

  • After cleaning your oven you may notice that a number of your oven knobs have become loose. This is due to the connection between the knob and spindle becoming loose. If the knobs do not twist back into place you may need to replace them with new ones.

Oven making rattling noises

  • If you have noticed that your oven is making unusual noises when in operation, it is strongly advised to call an engineer to test for a fault. The fault could be due to a number of reasons and it is not safe to determine for yourself.


  • When you cook your food in the oven, moisture is released which could cause possible condensation and may also leave stains on the glass. Different ovens vary when it comes to cleaning the inside glass, check your user manual to determine if the glass is able to dismantle for cleaning.

Oven cuts out

  • If your oven has been cutting out in the middle of cooking this is most probably due to an overheating problem, this could be due to a faulty thermostat or cooling fan.
  • You will need to call an engineer to assess this problem.

For further problems and advice, read our oven errors page.