DIY washing machine repair

When that laundry piles up, it is not a pretty sight. It can be frustrating when you are faced with washing machine repair! While your washing machine has several parts to keep it functioning smoothly, the good news is, you can probably get it going again without incurring the expense of a technician!

Service Force’s washing machine repair guide and manuals will help you identify and fix it.

You can solve some of the most common washing machine repairs you are likely to face on your own. Know more about the washing machine symbols and washing machine problems. If you are unable to find what you need, we are here to fix it for you.


Remember to always switch the washing machine off before attempting any repair.

Typical problems can be:

  1. Washing machine refuses to drain
  2. Washing machine won’t fill with water
  3. Washing machine will not spin
  4. After the cycle ends, the machine door doesn’t open
  5. Stuck in the middle of a wash cycle
  6. Leaky washing machine


If you can’t get your washing machine to work, call Service Force now for a free repair quote 08445 610 647. We assure you of a prompt response!

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