Washing machine problems

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When your washing machine starts to make loud noises and vibrations it is obvious that there is a fault with your appliance. We have listed the most common faults and reasons why they may be happening.


Washing machine is moving and shaking whilst spinning:
– Your machine may be overloaded
– The machine may be on an uneven surface

Washing machine is making a noise and vibrating whilst spinning:
– Make sure transit bolts have been removed from the rear of your appliance
– Make sure all hoses are securely fitted as they could cause a “knocking noise”
– Check that no fabrics are caught between the door and drum
– Loose coins, buttons or lighters may have got caught in the drain filter
– Normal noises which tend to occur on a cycle are zips and buckles hitting the glass on the washing machine door, the pumps and motors operating water and all other elements which happen within a wash cycle.

Humming sound during wash cycle:
– This noise is completely normal when a wash cycle is operating. Some model appliances are quieter than others, it is advised to check for special features before you purchase a new appliance.

Other common washing machine problems:

• Washing machine cycle completes too quickly:
– This may be due to an unbalanced wash load which has caused the machine to skip the spinning phase of the cycle to avoid damage to the appliance. Try a balanced load cycle before seeking professional help.

After a wash cycle clothes appear to have marks on:
– This could be due to a constant low wash temperature leading to dirt and mould build up
– A chemical reaction may have occurred with substances on the fabric such as shampoo, perfume and gels
– To try and solve this problem yourself it is advised to run a couple of empty wash cycles at 90°C with a cup of sodium carbonate within the drum to clean the machine internally. Make sure that you clean your washing machine on a regular basis to avoid this happening in the future.

If you are unsure of what your washing machine problem may be please contact an engineer to help with repair.

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