Washing machine repairs

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There are many parts within your washing machine which over time may become broken or damaged. There are a number of things that could have gone wrong with your appliance, below we have listed some common occurrences that tend to emerge.


Damages that may need washing machine repair:

• Rubber door seal has come loose:
– Do not attempt to use your washing machine until your door seal has been repaired/replaced.
– Damage to your door seal usually occurs from your washing machine being overloaded or clothes being caught between the seal and glass door at the start of a wash cycle.

• Cover of washing machine is damaged:
– This could have occurred from wear and tear

Damages during use:
– Damage may take place during a wash cycle if any objects have been accidently included into the load or if a part in your machine becomes faulty whilst in operation.

• Damaged door handle:
– Sometimes it may appear that your washing machine door handle is damaged as the door does not open for a while after a cycle is complete, this could just be the lock function. If you are unable to open the door after 5 minutes of a cycle completing then the handle may then be damaged.

• Damaged clothes during a wash cycle:
– If your clothes appear to be torn or damaged in any way it may be that you are using the wrong cycle programme for a particular type of garment. Always check wash labels beforehand, alternatively if this problem still occurs than your washing machine may have internal damages.

• No power:
– Your fuse may have blown or there may be an issue with your plug socket. Try and plug your washing machine into another socket to see if this is the problem.

If you are to experience any damages it is strongly advised that you seek professional help for washing machine repairs.

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