Washing machine symbols

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Often faults can occur with the display and control panel of your washing machine. The control panel of your washing machine is the driver for sending the signal of what function you wish your appliance to perform.

Washing machine symbols are used to display functionalities, when the signals are unable to operate, your washing machine will no longer be able to run a working cycle.


Here are common faults that happen with displays and controls:

LED light flashing:
– May be signalling that the washing machine door is still open
– Could be indicating that the start button has not been pressed properly

Showing an error:
– This could be for a number of reasons, check your manual for your washing machine model.

Unreadable display:
– You may have a technical fault causing the display to stop functioning

Error codes displayed beginning with E9:
– Error codes beginning with E9 are related to electrical faults with your appliance
– Reset your machine by switching the power off for 30 seconds, if the error message still appears then you will need to contact an engineer.

Error code displayed- E6:
– Generally any error code that starts with E6 is referring to a problem with the heater within your washing machine.

Other error codes displayed:
– Other error codes displayed could be for a number of different reasons, it is advised that you speak with an engineer to establish the fault and for repair.

If you are experiencing problems with your display and controls the best way to recover the issue is to contact an engineer to carry out a diagnosis which will determine what the problem may be.

For an overview of issues that may have occurred and how to deal with these, read our washing machine repair page.