How to Defrost your Freezer

Things to consider when defrosting a fridge freezer.

We recommend that you plan in advance when deciding to defrost your fridge freezer, since you will need to store your food. Food at room temperature will develop bacteria causing it to perish faster than may be indicated on the label, and we advise against re freezing food that has started to defrost.

Freezers will accumulate some ice, however, if you develop a thick build-up of ice, making it difficult to open and close the drawers, this would indicate that the appliance needs defrosting and also means that the appliance is not operating as efficiently as it could.

If this is the case, remove all food and store in an insulated cooler box or or ask if a neighbour can offer some temporary storage space in their freezer

Take out all removable shelves and drawers. Leave to reach room temperature before cleaning. Read more.

Put an old towel on the floor near the freezer. Depending on how much ice there is will determine how much excess water the appliance may lose.

We would advise against trying to speed up the defrosting process, such as using a hair dryer or a blunt instrument to remove the ice.

Dry inside thoroughly with kitchen roll or towels before switching the freezer back on.

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