How to Install your Fridge Freezer

*Caution; attempting to move refrigeration appliances involves the risk of injury and could result in damage to property.  Service Force advise that this task be handled by a trained professional. 

Refrigeration appliances come in many sizes. It’s important to identify if your new appliance will fit in to the existing recess and also, if purchasing a large appliance, that there is suitable access to the building and to your kitchen.

Take some time to plan your new Fridge/Freezer installation.  We recommend that a new appliance is left to stand for at least 12hours prior to switching it on to allow the oil in the compressor to settle as this may have been disturbed in transportation.

It’s worthwhile considering what fresh and frozen foods you have, ensuring you make alternative storage arrangements.

It’s worth considering the surroundings and available space when planning where to position the appliance.  Dependent on the size of the appliance, we would recommend seeking additional assistance.  Particular care should be paid to flooring which can be easily damaged.

Most retailers will place and plug in the appliance, however it is not recommended that it is switched on for at least 12 hours.

Things to remember: 

It is not recommended appliances are kept in an area where extremes of heat or cold can impact the appliances ability to operate correctly. Guidance on recommended ambient temperatures are in your user manual.

We do not recommend modifying the power supply by either adding an adaptor or using an extension lead, appliances need to be connected to a mains plug socket which is easily accessible.

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