How to Clean your Microwave Oven

It is important to keep the microwave cavity clean and dry to protect it from damage and rust.  If the appliance starts to develop rust, this could react with the microwave causing sparks within the appliance.  If you have this reaction, unplug the appliance and seek advice from a qualified engineer.

It is recommended that you keep food covered to avoid excess debris lining the cavity. Wipe the cavity after use with a soft damp cloth.

Regularly clean the glass plate, these are generally dishwasher safe but check your user manual for more information.

When cleaning the microwave, switch off the power supply and give the microwave floor and walls a thorough clean with kitchen spray and a cloth. Do not spray detergents directly into the cavity or use a steam cleaner as this could harm the appliance.

Wipe the door and seals with a damp cloth to avoid the growth of bacteria or moisture rusting the microwave cavity.

Check carefully that your detergent is suitable for a microwave cavity. A microwave cavity is different to an oven cavity. Abrasive cleaners will damage the lining.

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