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Oven maintenance

Aside keeping your oven clean, ovens generally only require a little maintenance.
It is worth checking the door seal from time to time to ensure it has not started to perish or tear as you can lose some heat resulting in uneven cooking.

Avoid slamming the door or placing heavy items on it as this can damage the hinges causing them to break.

Most oven cavities have a light which will require replacing at some point, refer to your user manual to check how to remove the cover. Replacing the bulb is usually a simple task but always take care to do maintenance when the oven is cold.

Hob maintenance

Touch control, electric ceramic and induction hobs do not require any routine maintenance aside cleaning.

Always take care to clean when cool. Some spills on ceramic electric hobs can leave a dark mark that may be difficult to remove.  You can purchase a hob scraper and appropriate cleaner from https://shop.electrolux.co.uk/Cooking/Cooker-Hoods/Care-{8a3cf5db7485d6737f899cd3ea70229f3fb3e1362ff7283d1c78272654d081f7}26-Maintenance/c/18 to try to remove the stain.  We recommend taking care with this task and it may require some patience depending on the nature of the stain.

For gas hobs, it is recommended that you keep gas injectors free from debris as this will stop the ring from igniting.

If possible to remove, you can clean rotary control knobs to remove debris that may be causing it not to operate correctly. Please refer to your user manual as some rotary controls can be difficult to remove.

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