How to Clean your Oven & Hob

Cleaning your oven

Always clean an oven when it is cool to touch.  There are many ways you can clean your oven and some of this will depend on the type of oven you have.  The most common type of oven has enamel liners which can be cleaned using household cleaners though we recommend you refer to your user manuals as some combination ovens with a microwave function may use a different coating in the cavity which can be damaged with some household cleaners.  How to find my model ID to download my manual

If you are unsure what cleaner is best suited to your oven, visit and explore the range of accessories here. These oven cleaners are produced by the manufacturer and are recommended for all Electrolux Group appliances.

If you have a single cavity built-in oven, you should check your manual to ensure that it does not have a self-cleaning feature whereby the oven reaches a very high temperature and reduces the grease to a fine ash that can be wiped away after the cleaning process.

If your appliance has a rough liner, it may be that you have a catalytic cleaning liner and a cleaning programme. Alternatively it may be that you need to turn the oven up to 230 degrees for approximately an hour. Please download and check your user manual for clear guidelines for your specific model.   The base of the oven cavity will still have an enamel liner which will require household cleaners.

An oven with a lot of dirt and grease can be difficult to clean, we recommend considering the surrounding area and place an old towel anywhere dirty water can drip.  Consider also that dirty water can run out of the cavity and down any furniture.

Some ovens have removable glass panes for easy cleaning and also the doors can be removed making it easier to access inside the oven cavity.

Remove any cookware and shelves and clean separately in the sink with warm soapy water or suitable household detergent.

Cleaning your hob

Hobs tops have different finishes. All can usually be cleaned with a domestic spray and a soft cloth. Be mindful that on all hobs, abrasive cleaners and sponges will scratch the surface.  Some chemicals may cause coloured enamels and stainless steel to discolour.  Please refer to your user manual.

Always take care to clean your hob when it is cool to touch. Some spills on ceramic electric hobs can leave a dark mark that may be difficult to remove.  You can purchase a scraper and appropriate cleaner from{8a3cf5db7485d6737f899cd3ea70229f3fb3e1362ff7283d1c78272654d081f7}26-Maintenance/c/18 to try and remove the stain.  We recommend taking care with this task and it may require some patience depending on the nature of the stain.

For gas hobs, it is recommended that you keep gas injectors free from debris as this can stop the ring from igniting.

If possible to remove, you can clean rotary control knobs to remove debris that may be causing it not to operate correctly.

Please refer to your user manual as some rotary controls can be difficult to remove. Click here.

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