Tumble Dryer Maintenance – Self Service

We recommend undertaking regular routine maintenance to keep your appliance running efficiently.

Clean the fluff filter.  This filter is usually located at the front of the porthole, most commonly you would remove this by lifting the filter, noting that this will gather a lot of loose fabric which can fall away.

Pull the loose fabric away and dispose.  For a through clean we recommend taking a vacuum cleaner nozzle to it filter unit and carefully vacuum around the filter cavity.

In a condenser dryer it is also important to remove fluff from the heat exchanger. This is usually located in the base of the appliance.   We recommend unclipping the unit and rinsing this with a shower head or tap to remove the build-up of lint.

Appliances do vary so we recommend downloading your User Manual to get accurate information on how to clean and maintain your appliance.  Some models will have a water reservoir that should be emptied prior to cleaning the exchanger.

Condenser dryers have a water container that collects the condensed water.  It is important to empty this after each use though most appliances will not operate if this is full.  Some models can have a hose attached to send waste water out of the standpipe.  To find out whether your appliance has this feature, please refer to the user manual.

Tumble dryers are more effective if the fabric has room to move, always pay attention to care labels noting that new appliances may not work as your previous appliance did.  Please check the user manual before drying delicate items.

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