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Dishwasher Leaking from Underneath?

If you are finding water at the bottom of your dishwasher, first check the appliance is draining properly.

  1. Turn off at the mains. Remove the filter, taking care in case there is broken china or glass. If you’re not sure how to do this, check your manual.
  2. Clean the filter under a running tap and replace.
  3. If this doesn’t solve the issue, check the waste hose at the back of the machine for kinks. Also make sure the hose has space to drain effectively.
  4. If your dishwasher has just been installed, check the inlet hose has been attached properly.

If it is a recent problem, it’s possible the inlet hose has become separated.

water supply

Refer to your manual or our online troubleshooting guide for more advice on a leaking dishwasher.

Alternatively, call Service Force for a free quote on a leaking dishwasher repair. Appliance repairs can be hazardous and it’s often best to seek professional help from our experienced engineers.

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