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Fridge Freezer Making Noises?

Check our troubleshooting list of noises and how to determine if they are normal or not.

Scraping or whirring

This generally indicates ice on a fan or a faulty fan motor. Turn off at the mains, then check your fans, removing any debris with a soft brush. If the noise persists when you switch it back on, you will need expert help.


Some models have an alarm to indicate that the temperature is too high, usually as a consequence of the door being left open.  Refer to your user manual for more information about any alarms your fridge or freezer may have.

Humming, Buzzing or whirring

It is possible to hear the motor in the fridge and this will make a humming sound, this should not be a cause for concern.  If the noise has recently changed and has become a lot louder, please speak to an engineer about the performance of your fridge.

Loud noise in fridge freezer

If your refrigerator or freezer is uncommonly loud, this may be relatively simple to resolve however we recommend getting guidance from our repair team.


This is just defrosted water dripping into the drainage pan and no reason for worry.

If you’re still having problems, give Service Force a call and get connected to your local fridge freezer engineers!

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