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Fridge or Freezer not Cooling?

Is your fridge freezer not cold enough? Check our troubleshooter for common temperature problems and hints on how to fix them.

Problem: temperature gauge set wrongly

The first thing to check is the gauge on the inside of your fridge to see if it has accidentally been knocked to a low setting.
If the fridge is much fuller than usual to prepare for a busy weekend, party, Christmas, etc, make sure you turn the gauge up to cope with the heavy load.

Problem: Blocked vents

If your fridge is crammed full or stacked in a bad way, food or jars may be blocking the air vents. Move them out of the way and remember they shouldn’t touch the back or sides of the fridge at all.

Problem: Damaged seal

It’s common for a door seal of your fridge freezer to crack or split over time, but it will need to be replaced as it affects its efficiency. Make sure you clean seals regularly too, using a soft cloth.

Problem: Bad location

Fridges should have an inch of space between them and walls or cupboards. Fridges and Freezers that are in a warm environment, be that close to a cooker or in a very warm room, will be working hard to regulate its internal temperature.  Equally, appliances left in very cold environments, such as garages, will stop operating when the temperature is low.

We advise against keeping refrigerators and freezers in a garage unless the user manual specifies that the appliance is suitable for that environment.

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