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Troubleshoot Microwave Oven Problems

Microwave not working?

Here’s a shortlist of some common microwave problems and possible solutions.

Microwave is not responding:

  1. Reset by taking the plug out of the mains and leaving for 2 minutes before reconnecting.
  2. Check the child safety device hasn’t been activated by mistake. If you are not familiar with this, refer to your manual for instructions.
  3. Clean the controls at the front according to the cleaning advice in your manual.

The Quick Start isn’t functioning:

Open and close the door. The Quick Start only works within a minute of the door being closed.

The microwave door won’t open.

You will need a service engineer for this. When booking, please quote your model, product number code (PNC or Prod No.) and serial number, all found on the rating plate.

Please remember: while the problem with your microwave is ongoing, disconnect it from the mains and keep it out of use.

There are sparks in the microwave oven:

  1. Clean your oven according to the instructions in the manual. Don’t use abrasives, which may wear off the coating.
  2. Check the metal support under the plate is inserted correctly, with the wheel axels underneath.
  3. Only use microwave-safe cookware (check your manual if you’re unclear what this is). Never use crockery or glass decorated with gold or silver, or metal/aluminium foil.

Please refer to your manual or our online troubleshooting guide for more advice on your microwave.

Remember, you should never attempt a repair on a microwave yourself as it has high-voltage components. Instead, call Service Force for a free quote from our experienced engineers.

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