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Tumble Dryer Making Strange Noises?

Is your tumble dryer squeaking, groaning or grating? There are a number of possible explanations and we are on hand to help.

Squeaking/grating: It’s likely a squeaking sound may be caused by the  pump needing to be primed with water, the humidity sensor or felt belt. If it’s a new device, it should soon go away. If not, call Service Force for professional advice.

Humming: This might be down to a jammed motor. If the machine is having trouble running, it may be overloaded. Lighten the load and try again.

Rattling: It’s possible the air fan has come loose. Call Service Force for professional advice and a free quote.

Beeping: Many tumble dryers beep to mark the end of a cycle, so if you have a new, unfamiliar machine, this might be the answer. Some appliances also have an anti-crease device which will beep every five minutes in a 30-minute cycle.

Alarm: This could mean the water reservoir is full. The LED will be lit and there will be warning signal. Empty the reservoir according to the directions in the manual.

Refer to our online troubleshooting guide or your manual for further advice on your tumble-dryer concerns.

Alternatively, call Service Force for a free quote. Tumble dryer repairs can be hazardous and it’s often best to seek professional help from our experienced engineers.

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