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Tumble Dryer not Drying?

If your tumble dryer isn’t drying your load correctly, various factors could be to blame.

If you can see an error code displayed, check your manual for an explanation.

Mixing fabrics may mean your load comes out still moist. Get in the habit of drying towels together, thin cotton shirts together, etc.

Large items, such as bed sheets and duvet covers, may get twisted together, so the outside comes out dry, but inside is still damp. Remove it, shake it out and try again.

Have you overloaded? This is a common cause of a dryer not functioning properly, so remove some items and try again. Check your manual for advice on its capacity. Clothes should be able to move around freely. As a rule of thumb, a standard 6kg drum will fit around 17 cotton shirts. A 7kg tumble dryer will fit about 21 cotton shirts.

Check your filter. Remove fluff and lint from the filter and try again. This should be done on a regular basis (we recommend weekly, or twice-weekly if your dryer gets a lot of use).

Refer to our online troubleshooting guide or your manual for further advice on your tumble-dryer concerns.

Alternatively, call Service Force for a free quote. Appliance repairs can be hazardous and it’s often best to seek professional help from our experienced dryer engineer.

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